Homeopathic Home Kit

Homeopathic Home Kit

If you are suffering from different types of pains like joint pain, neck, and back pain, then the homoeopathy home kit designed by Ameya Holistica is the one for you.
The homoeopathy home kit offers relief from different common conditions like acidity, viral fever, cold, loose motion, muscle pain, and many more. So if you are a person working from home and suffer from any of these issues, then get our Homoeopathy Home Kit today.

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Homeopathic Home Kit for Acute Diseases

As the world is going more and more digital. People are getting more reluctant to move their bodies. This is leading to widespread acute diseases like joint pain, neck and back pain, and, mental stress. This even leads to further complications like slipped disks, and flimsy immunity. We can’t move from our desks and leave our jobs. To solve this problem, we have carefully created a homeopathic medicine kit for home so you can keep on doing your work and at the same time you can keep your body healthy. 

Here’s what our homeopathic home kit comprises: 

Homeopathic medicine for acidity

 Acidity is a disease that is caused due to increase in gastric acid or hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Homeopathic medicine takes a holistic approach and tries to improve the immune system of the whole body, which helps the body to fight against the disease.  

It strengthens the oesophageal sphincter and inner walls of the stomach which rids stomach pain related to acidity. It subsequently cures the symptoms like stomach aches and gastric irregularities. ‘Well Gut’ is one of the homeopathic medicine for acidity that we at Ameya Holistica bring for you.  

Homeopathic medicine for viral fever and cold

 Having a fever or increased temperature in a person’s body means that his body is putting resistance against the virus. As it’s difficult for viruses to sustain in increased temperatures. Homeopathic medicine helps the body to fight against the virus. Similarly, the common cold or any kind of cold be very irritating and alter one’s productivity significantly. It can be spread through contamination or triggered by an allergen. Instead of suppressing the symptoms using drugs, homeopathic medicines hit on the root cause of the problem which is lowered immunity with medicines like our ‘Out Cold’ a powerful homeopathic medicine for viral fever and cold.  

Homeopathic medicine for loose motions

 Loose motion or diarrhea can be both acute (short-lived) or chronic(long-term). It can be caused due to various reasons like food poisoning, gastroenteritis, irregular bowel movements, intestinal flu, or stomach flu.  Homeopathy is effective in curing the effects of this condition from its very root. The ‘Ill effects’ homeopathic medicine for loose motions is one of our most effective creations.  

Homeopathic medicine for muscle strain

 Muscle strain or pain in the muscle is primarily caused by a tear or pull in muscles or tendons (tissue that connects bone and muscles). Homeopathy cures sprains and strains using a variety of medicines or a mix of medicines for different kinds of injuries. 

You can try ‘ouch’ or ‘weak knees’ from Ameya Holistica’s range of homeopathic medicine for muscle strain. It is sure to give you quick relief and heal the problem from within.  

Homeopathic medicine for knee pain

 Knee pain is one of the most common problems. More often faced by elderly people. It can be caused by numerous underlying problems like Osteoarthritis, ligament tear, gout, and knee joint infection. Homeopathy can cure any kind of knee pain whether acute or chronic. It also cures underlying reasons why one may be facing knee pain. Homeopathy uses natural ingredients and goes into the root cause of ailment reduces the stiffness and pain and provides holistic relief.  

Ameya Holistica’s ‘weak knees’ homeopathic medicine for knee pain is ideal for soothing your aching knees. Moreover, it is also a joint pain homeopathic medicine that works phenomenally and reduces pain.  

 To solve this problem of increasing acute diseases in the younger generation, we have created a homeopathic family kit that will take care of your family. This homeopathic home kit includes medicines, it can cure diseases like joint pains, knee pain, muscle strain, etc from its very root.  

This homeopathic home kit is made keeping every acute disease in mind. We wish you a happy and healthy life ahead.