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About us

Vaidehi Shah - Ameya Holistica

Ameya Holistica

In ameya holistica Each treatment is customized specifically to the individual being treated. homeopathy is a safe , effective and permanent way to rebalance your life. homeopathy raises an individual’s vitality allowing them to be more resilient to outside influences that causes stress and disease .

Dr. Pankaj Patel

He started his journey of Homeopathy Medical service as a homeopathy professor and as a medical offer for mobile dispensary in various rural areas of Gujrat. His service with the rural parts continued as Gujrat government appointed him as Homeopathy officer. Furthermore he served his 40 Years in homeopathy. And after retirement also he is currently working in central government as medical officer.

Dr. Vaidehi Shah

There are many reasons why i love my job and since i am practicing a unique healing science, homoeopathy combining it with counselling and nutrition, i have enjoyed results even more.

I love everything about homeopathy , but if I have pick one thing it would be that connecting with other people in a real and meaningful way . “ you must see and feel the internal nature of your patient as the artist sees and feels the picture he is painting .he feels it .study to feel the economy , the life , the soul .” – james Tyler kent .