Worn out

Name: worn out

Medicine : mountain tobacco , phosphoric acid , yellow jasmine , kali phos , zincum met , ferrum phos ,ars alb .

Point of character :

Worry free

Name: Off duty

Medicine: kali phos , coffea cruda , avena sativa , passiflora , valeriana , papaver somniferum.

Point of character : fall asleep easily without struggle


Blaze up

Points of character : heat, redness, throbbing & burning, tonsillitis, high fever, neuralgic pain, scarlet fever, hammering headache, strawberry tongue, otitis media, bleeding of nose, hematuria without pathology.



Late nights

Name: late nights

Points of character: frontal headaches , oversensitiveness , gastric dearrengtments , backaches , disturbed sleep or lack of sleep , vomiting , sour or bitter  eructatiions , heart burn.