Homoeopathy vlogs

Homoeopathy vlogs

1.nanomedicine and homoeopathy

This sweet white pills works on the principle of nanotechnology .

Nanoparticles stimulate hormesis , a beneficial low- dose adaptive  response . homeopathic remedies prescribed in low doses spaced intermittently over time act as biological signals that stimulate the organisms allostatic biological stress response network , evoking nonlinear modulatory , self organizing change .

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared through a characteristic process known as potentization , where dilutions are performed with strong strokes at each steps of dilution . potency levels are designed as “x” for 1:9 and “c” for 1:99 at each stage .  and the end of  this process medicines do not contain one single molecules of the corresponding starting-substance . this medicine work tremendously .

So , as it uses minute , including sub –molecular , doses homoeopathy perceived

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